Our on-going collection of fine arts workshops and activities

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The Arts Group

The arts table runs daily and provides all materials. At any moment there will be people working on drawings at the table, painting on easels, working on mosaics or developing a portrait.

The process is valued as much as the product, and artists are encouraged not to be too precious about their work or the outcome, but, principally, just to enjoy the act of creating it. Ultimately we reckon anyone can paint, illustrate, sculpt, draw - they just need to commit a bit of time. And have fun, of course.

We do our best to help our artists get their work seen and sold: submitting to the Big Issue, organising group and solo exhibitions, taking market stalls, hanging in cafes, submitting to competitions and external exhibitions.

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A glimpse into the creative mind…

Our members bring their personal experience into their works of art. From paintings, to sculptures, to mosaics, to collages and sketches, we celebrate each work.

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The Music Group

Volunteers and members bring eclectic musical talent to the 240Project centre every week, inspiring the group to release tension and enjoy a festive hour together. Whether playing timeless favourites or member-composed melodies, it’s always a good time.

By doing art I feel more confident.
— member of 240Project
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Sing to Live, Live to Sing

We are delighted to partner with Sing to Live, Live to Sing, a singing for health programme in Kensington and Chelsea, initiated by the Council's Arts Service in partnership with Public Health. Members are encouraged to join along for this therapeutic session helping to relieve tension, engage core muscles, boost confidence, and encourage a sense of belonging.


Song Writing Group

The songwriting process typically begins when a member discusses a memory or something that’s on their mind, and we work with them to sketch out a refrain or lyrical motif. Over the next few weeks, this basic framework is refined, with the songwriting team exchanging notes and ideas, playing riffs on piano and guitar. At a certain point, the process is deemed to be advanced enough for the song to get played in front of others, and with luck they will eventually be recorded.

Follow this link to download more picks from "Tears Drop on The Street"

I feel more confident and being around sober people who are creative shows me life can be fun without drugs or alcohol.
— member of 240Project
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The Mosaics Group

We gather materials from any number of abandoned items, including broken mirrors, tiles and ornaments. Mosaics are created on donated boards, small tables or mirrors on which designs can be drawn. Once the basic layout has been decided, its up to the individual how to interpret the actual layout of the tiles themselves, following a basic concept of the colour. Some of the most successful designs are simple twin colour motifs, which can be particularly dramatic.

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I really enjoy art, meditation and up-cycling. Its better for me to be around other artists for inspiration. If I was at home i wouldn’t paint at all.
— member of 240Project
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Reading Group

Adventures from the near and far come alive in this weekly short stories and poem reading group that focuses on reading comprehension, analysis, and connections with personal anecdotes and experiences. These inspiring sessions allow our members to open up about their lives and share their emotions in a supportive and encouraging environment, sometimes allowing them to face and resolve an outstanding issue or complication.

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The Creative Writing & Drama Group

A volunteer in the drama and creative writing industry guides our members in self-starting projects. Whether dramatisations of real-life situations, or fantastical adventures, every member is encouraged to participate in this stimulating and social group.

I’ve made many friends, that’s why i like coming once a week.
— member of 240Project

Creative Workshops

Reduce, reuse, recycle - upcycle. We find a decorative use for any number of materials. Upcycling begins with the idea of decorating clothes with beads and sequins. In practice, the group let their imaginations be their only limit. Shirt collars are sewn with small patterns of beads, belts decorated with studs, bracelets with bead and sequin patterns. We also make decorative bottle tops, beaded necklaces and rings.

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