The Art Group

The Arts table is the only group which runs on a permanent basis while the project is open.  At any moment there will be people working on drawings at the table, painting on easels, working on mosaics or developing a portrait.

Richard Todd  is  our resident master of fine arts.  He has an instinctive understanding of the processes of creation, and is particularly skilful at taking people at whatever point they may be starting from and slowly moving forwards.  There will be people involved in art therapy, others working hard to finish a piece for publication in the Big Issue, others helping to frame pictures for the annual fine arts fair and exhibition.


View our 2011 Exhibition catalogue here:

Catalogue of 240Project Art Exhibition 2011

The Music Group

The Music Group gets together every Wednesday at 2 pm. Volunteer guitarist and band leader Phil brings amplifiers and guitars.  Ziggy volunteers on keyboards, and brings his own.  Volunteer Natalie brings her own Viol de Cors, which is an eight string violin. Maestro Frank joins in on vocals and rhythm guitar, and percussion is supplied by anyone grabbing bongos, with Edward the Director on Tambourine.  The regulars take up their songbooks (though some know all the words already) and we spend a happy hour on classics from Delilah to Rawhide, Only You, and Blue Suede Shoes.  Some members have gone on to working with Frank in the Songwriting Group.

Guitar players

Guitar players

Song Writing Group

Frank Macdonald has been working with several project members over the last year.  The songwriting process typically begins when a member discusses a memory or something that’s on their mind, and Frank works with them to sketch out a refrain or lyrical motif.  Over the next few weeks, this basic framework is refined, with the songwriting team exchanging notes and ideas, playing riffs on piano and guitar.  At a certain point, the process is deemed to be advanced enough for the song to get played in front of others, and with luck they will eventually be recorded.


Follow this link to download more picks from "Tears Drop on The Street"

Mosaics Group

Roya, our Mosaics designer, gathers materials from any number of abandoned items, including broken mirrors, tiles and ornaments.  Mosaics are created on donated boards, small tables or mirrors on which designs can be drawn.  Once the basic layout has been decided, its up to the individual how to interpret the actual layout of the tiles themselves, following a basic concept of the colour.  Some of the most successful designs are simple twin colour motifs, which can be particularly dramatic.  Roya also gets project members to work on formal commissions, such as this mirrored table top.

Making Mosaics

Making Mosaics

Drama Group

Each year M.A. or B.A. students from the Central School of Speech and Drama come to the project to run drama groups as part of their coursework.  They may workshop dramatisations of situations which the members may bring from real life, or make up characters and base stories around them.  Some groups have created  theatre pieces which are then performed at the end of term. 

Upcycling Group

Nuria our master Upcylcer finds a decorative use for any number of materials. Upcycling begins with the idea of decorating clothes with beads and sequins.  In practice, the group let their imaginations be their only limit.  Shirt collars are sown with small patterns of beads, belts decorated with studs, bracelets with bead and sequin patterns.  We also make decorative  bottle tops,  beaded necklaces and rings.


Leatherwork Group

In the Leatherwork Group Nuria helps members to design, plan and create belts, necklaces, bracelets, wrist-bands, watch straps and other decorative items. We make leather belts which are then embellished with beads, and sequins or imprinted with lettering to create names.  We also repair leather items including bags, mobile phone cases and wallets.

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