Wellbeing at 240

In 2014 240Project is launching a new Wellbeing Centre, to run alongside and complement our existing programme.

Wellbeing @ 240 is designed to take excluded people on a journey towards greater mental and physical wellbeing.  It consists of a series of enjoyable workshops which  introduce and work with concepts of Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Healthy vs. Toxic Beliefs, Changing Self-Destructive Habits, the benefits of Nutrition and Exercise, the power of Gratitude and Appreciation, Building Motivation as well other quality of life improving tools.

Each workshop will draw on inspirational videos, mindfulness and relaxation techniques, role-playing, and group interaction so that participants come to experience and own the  concepts, rather than simply be exposed to them.

This journey towards Wellbeing, if deeply absorbed, has the potential to deliver lasting benefits and transformative change.

Planned workshops  include:

Introduction to Wellbeing

The first workshop explores  how we can deal with stress and negative states of mind  by the practice of mindfulness.   Accepting all of the moment, the here and the now, can have a positive and restorative effect on our mind and body health.  We learn how to create a sense of greater Wellbeing by becoming more aware of the richness of the present moment rather than concentrating on negative thoughts about external things we have little control over. 


Healthy Beliefs Lead to Healthy Thinking

This level explores the techniques and concepts used in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, an NHS approved practice which looks at how thoughts and beliefs affect our behaviour.

The workshops move into practical mode using role play to explore how negative or positive actions can be triggered by everyday situations, and how behaviours can be modified by exposing the underlying negative or positive belief that causes them.

Learning To Be Kind To Yourself

We introduce the concepts of Low vs. High Frustration Tolerance and how these affect our motivation, stress levels, and actions in the day. We look at daily situations where we are habituated to mistreating or berating ourselves when we have the possibility to turn that round and treat ourselves well.  

We will look at techniques that help us make the transition from habitual mindsets that undermine our self-confidence to affirming a sense of self worth, and from self-rejection to self-acceptance. 


Exercise, Nutrition, Motivation

Treating the body well can be a great way to encourage lasting feelings of wellbeing  We begin with a discussion on widespread research showing that exercise and nutrition can be transformative for mental and physical health. We then look at the tools and techniques that are there to help us find the motivation to take up positive exercise and nutritional habits. One workshop will explore the meaning of ‘you are what you eat’ including recognizing signs of individual food issues and how they can affect mood and mental health. In this workshop we will begin using individualised diagnostics to look at food intolerances and allergies.


Keeping and Building Wellbeing

Drawing from the preceding workshops the journey looks at incorporating the learned techniques into everyday life.  These can be ways of creating Healthy Habits, increasing Mindfulness, and the benefits of adopting a mindset open to Gratitude and Appreciation.