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240Project is an Arts and Health Centre for the excluded, especially those with experience of homelessness.

At 240Project we believe that caring, personal attention and positive activity have a beneficial impact on people’s lives.  Studies have shown that caring and attention can have a physiological effect on the excluded, increasing self esteem and self-acceptance, morale, confidence and pro-sociality. The activities we have selected all have traditions of healing and long term health benefits.  At 240Project we believe that taking part in a community that cares for each other, and where people take part in positive activity, can over time have a transformative effect on peoples' lives.  The project's ethos is that every human being is uniquely valuable, and our aim is to gather the resources to bring latent potentials out into the open.


Project staff and volunteers support  new members by looking into their immediate needs, discussing longer term goals and aspirations, then providing the support necessary to become a  part of the 240Project community.  We then encourage people to participate in a choice of Arts and Health Activities. Once a member has joined, we hope and expect them to take part in at least one arts and one health activity every week. Where members have mental health and addiction issues, these activities can gradually awaken new strengths, confidence and coping abilities. We have seen that involving members in these activities  leads to improvements in quality-of-life, personal growth and can contribute significantly to healing. 

Members discover new skills as they participate in our group activities: singing, painting, creating a mosaic, cooking or drama all provide important opportunities to enhance social skills and build confidence. Every day we see how these activities improve our members’ life-skills, and physical and mental health, leading to long lasting change and self-acceptance.

The project is fortunate to be run by passionate and talented staff, volunteers and session workers. Together we create and run a series of dynamic and inspirational groups.

These include:

  • Yoga

  • Acupuncture Treatments

  • Homeopathic Remedies

  • Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Feel Good Group

  • Relaxation Group

  • Nutritional Supplements Group

  • Nutrition Group

  • Reiki

  • Head and Neck Massage

  • Shiatsu

  • Painting & Drawing for Exhibition

  • Mosaic Making

  • Music Group

  • Songwriting Group

  • Music and Technology Group

  • Drama Workshop

  • Computer and Internet

  • Creative Workshop/Leatherwork

  • Literacy Help

  • Upcycling

  • Photography: Telling your Story in Pictures

  • Health Visitors

  • Legal Advisors

  • Showers

  • Haircutting

  • Clothesbank

  • Internet Access

  • Telephone Access and Call Support

  • Reconnecting with Relatives

  • Support into Volunteering, Education and Work Experience

  • Trips to Art Galleries and Museums

  • Day Trips to the Seaside

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