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donating a little or a lot of your time can make all the difference. volunteering with the 240project means you can interact with some of our community’s most talented and vibrant personalities while improving personal, social or professional skills.


Develop your skills whilst supporting your community

Whether short-term, one-off or a longer-term activity that fits around your working life, volunteering can be incredibly rewarding. Meet new people, learn new or develop existing skills for your personal or professional life, and feel good about giving back to your community.

I like being treated like a human being again, and I’m more motivated in many ways. I’m starting to have hope again.
— member of 240Project


Develop your communication and mentorship skills by interacting with our diverse member community.

wellness services

Newly certified or professionals in training can help bring holistic well-being to our members.

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artistry services

Professional artists or students in training are welcome to help our talented members with their on-going work.

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cooking & service

Home cooks or professional chefs are always needed to help us serve our growing numbers.